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Naifaru: Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

Mindy (εδώ και 7 χρόνια)
WOW, Im 21, living in houston, texas most of my life, having been born in Galveston , Tx... i so want to get to this pool out of the unites states, no longer pay taxes and school loans... i wish i was there with my family and just have a blast.. its such a shame those people just walking by, but if you were in the middle of the city, youd thank god..
McMurdo Station: Station Webcam

Mindy (εδώ και 7 χρόνια)
Neumayer Station

Mindy (εδώ και 7 χρόνια)
Uhm.. i dont know if anyone else been here? but it looks like a polar bear messed the camera and will someone FIX IT KUS I WANT TO SEE WHAT GOING ON..I CARE U KNOW
Troll research station: Troll Station

Mindy (εδώ και 7 χρόνια)
dang.... greetings from.. houston,tx, us... who lives here????
Davis Station

Mindy (εδώ και 7 χρόνια)
Wow, who lives or works here?!!!
Maharepa: Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa

Mindy (εδώ και 7 χρόνια)
Im in United States, houston... and this is my dream....
Hazen Camp: Arctic Ocean, The North Pole

Mindy (εδώ και 7 χρόνια)
Nothing Here.. its all black, NOW FIX IT!!

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